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Implants after breast cancer – silicone or natural tissues?

We are so used to seeing our breasts that sometimes we do not even realize how much we care until something is wrong with them. Fortunately, women who must undergo breast cancer surgery now have several alternatives to return to feel comfortable and satisfied with their body. For example, you can apply silicone implants or with tissues from your own body. And you, which one would you prefer?

Right under the face, our breasts are visible, they are not easily concealed. Bigger or smaller, we like them more or less, the breasts are part of our identity and our feminine being, although we may not notice it until something is not right with them.

If you have had a tumor in your breast, surely you understand what we are talking about and know the importance of having your breasts healthy and, at the same time, of being able to show them off.

When Jimena was detected the tumor in one of her breasts, she was very worried about how she would look without a breast. To her surprise, after the operation she discovered that she liked more how her breast had been operated than the natural breast, although this is not what usually happens.

In the case of Jimena, as she had a lot of bust and in the operation they only removed the affected part of her chest, she liked it as it was smaller and something woke up in her. He had never thought about cosmetic surgeries before or worried about the subject. But after his illness began to look more and different, to want to look better and think of health and beauty as two factors that go hand in hand.

In the opposite case, the same thing happens. If you have had a breast removed, you are probably looking for an alternative to look better and feel comfortable with your new situation. Therefore, many women who had never considered cosmetic surgery before begin to think about it and choose to place implants, once the disease has been controlled.

The implants can be silicone or, sometimes, generated from own tissues. While the latter option may seem more natural, a recent study shows that women who were given silicone implants after a breast cancer operation were more satisfied than those who opted for grafts of their own tissue.

In general, the women consulted were more satisfied with the shape, the feel and the appearance of their breasts, both naked and with clothes, when silicone implants had been placed on them.

However, specialists believe that many women will continue to opt for their own tissue implants, since there are several fears related to silicone, basically because of the belief that these can cause adverse reactions and other types of diseases.

If you are looking for an alternative for you, keep in mind that in 2006 the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, together with the Institute of Medicine, developed an investigation that allowed them to conclude that silicone implants do not cause serious diseases .

However, the decision is personal. It’s about your body, your health and your physical appearance. Therefore, the important thing is that you know well what alternatives may be appropriate for you and which one you feel most comfortable with.

Then, choose a safe and reliable place, where qualified and experienced specialists can give you the advice and what you need until all your doubts are resolved.

Finally, consider talking about your condition and your fears with people you trust. Probably, when you begin to tell what happens to you, you will discover that you have acquaintances who also suffer from it or have suffered it, and they will surely decide to share their experiences with you and support you. You can always look beautiful, there are alternatives. Talk to your doctor and recover the femininity and beauty of your breasts.

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